Dance Dance Dragon

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    Ah Long’s father was desperate to have a son born in the year of the Dragon because his ancestors had decreed that only a “Dragon boy”could take over family’s lion dance association, His mother instead gives birth to “Dragon girls” while Ah Long himself was born several seconds after the clock struck twelve, making him a “Snake baby”, much to the disappointment of his father. At present time, Mother Long orays to the gods for blessings on her three children and pours out her desire for a grandchild. The oldest daughter Lucy, 48, is a spinster and can’t find suitable work. The second daughter Ah Bee, 36, is a gambling addiction counselor who is tomboyish and was recently dumped by her boyfriend. The youngest and only son Ah Long is married but is terrified of children. Meanwhile up in heaven, the gods are growing sick and tired of hearing Mother Long’s daily prayers for a grandchild and deliberate whether to grant Mother Long her wish….