Cops Season 4 Episode 15

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    (11:16 PM Drug Sweeps) Area A-7 – Officer Mike Lopriore says Boston is just the right size, was a good place to grow up – not too big or too small, neighborhoods are sectioned off, good city, it’s run well, nothing else he could ask for. He loves it and there’s nothing else he’d rather be doing than policing the city he grew up in. He spots a drug deal in an alley as they drive by. He gets out and sneaks around back. He catches a white guy in a blue jacket and presses him against a fence. His partner Officer Peter Fontanez catches the other guy and brings him over. The guy starts choking and Mike pounds him on the back until he spits out 3 bags of cocaine. They call him an idiot. Peter cut them off with the car and enabled Mike to catch them. After he says lots of guys choke on the bags and they have to play paramedic. They bring the kid to the station and the kid says he wasn’t doing anything. (11:56PM) He’s charged with possession class B and possession within 1000 feet of a school, then he is mirandized. He says he has 2 kids and was going to rehab Tuesday, then counseling. Mike says he could’ve choked to death. (4:06 PM Roll Call) with Officer Robert Anthony. He takes the call of a woman trying to pass a phony prescription at a supermarket. Officer Ralph Amoroso questions her and she says she was picking it up for a neighbor Donna. The pharmacist says she’s called before, but the information she gave didn’t match up. She wanted Vicadin and gives Ralph her ID and the pharmacist calls the doctor. The woman claims she didn’t know it was phony and wants to know if she is under arrest and can she leave. She’s an attorney. They say they can detain her until they determine if there was a crime, the Sgt is on the way. Robert asks to see her Bar Card if she’s a lawyer, but she doesn’t have one. Sgt. Francis Gaughan talks to the pharmacist who says she couldn’t find the name and stalled until police arrived. She said it was for Navarro. The woman says she has 2 kids in her car, but there is no one there. She is arrested for a 92C – passing a phony prescription. Francis says they have to cuff, it’s the law. They check her car and find 3 additional license plates in the car. They also find prescription bags with no receipts and different names. The pharmacist comes out and checks the bags and says it’s a highly addictive pill and sells for about $8 a pill. Cops say she is the best scammer they’ve ever seen. Sgt. Joe Flandaca has a Warrant Briefing. A couple has a 22 year old son and they have a sledgehammer to break the door down if necessary. They arrive at 4:22 pm. They get in and have to go up and downstairs to check the place. Detective Chuck Wilson questions the old man, Johnny, who owns the house if there is any cocaine there. Detective Joe Mugnano says his son will get locked up if they find any coke and it isn’t his fault. The old guy understands. Joe says he has a chance of saving everyone else from being charged if he’ll tell them the truth. Mike Lopriore says the guy told him where everything is, but doesn’t believe it. He’s arrested the son 5 times for drugs already – it runs in the family. They find bags of rocks in the Cheerios cereal. A call comes in from Tony who wants to bet on the Celtics and Joe pretends he’s Johnny and takes the call making up a point spread. The phone rings again and he says that Johnny is out for a while and he’s taking care of things. He takes a bet over the phone. Cops keep tearing up the place looking for drugs, in dresses in a closet, in the couch and they find nunchucks. They cuff him and Joe says they have a steady gambling habit and sell the drugs to pay the gambling bills. (8:12PM) Chuck helps Johnny into the back of his car and he can barely get in because he’s 70 years old.

    Serie: Cops

    Episode Title: Boston, MA 1

    Air Date: 1991-11-16