Silk Stalkings Season 4 Episode 10

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    A girl, Kelly Anderson, walks into the police station and tells Chris and Rita that she thinks her singer boyfriend, Brian Fairchild, has been shot at rock star Shana Rose’s home. When they get to the house, Malcolm Rose, Shana’s husband, says that he shot warning shots–but that Brian climbed over the gate and ran away. The next day Malcolm shows up dead in his pool, and all evidence points to Brian–who went to the house earlier that day to pick up some demo tapes he left there. When Brian tells Lance and Lorenzo that he didn’t do it, they believe him, since the alarm at the house was professionally cut. Meanwhile, on a bet with Rita, Chris tries to make a list of all his past girlfriends.

    Episode Title: School of Hard Rocks

    Air Date: 1994-11-13