Silk Stalkings Season 4 Episode 12

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    Tamara Atkins, an ex-employee of Donnie Dogs’ “Dream Girls,” is found dead from an apparent suicide in front of a hotel building. In talking to the staff of the hotel, Chris and Rita discover that Tamara and another girl were at a reception for the Martco company the previous night–perhaps as the entertainment. When Lance and Lorenzo talk to Wayne Thornton, the owner of Martco, he denies everything. So Chris and Rita decide to search for the other girl who was at the party, in hopes that she may be able to shed some light on the case. When Christine, the other party-goer–and an employee of Donnie’s club–winds up dead, Donnie Dogs threatens Lance and Lorenzo that they have 24 hrs. before he will get revenge on the guy who killed Christine. Meanwhile, Harry moves out of his house because Fran is “too controlling,” and moves in with Chris.

    Episode Title: Vengeance

    Air Date: 1994-12-04