Silk Stalkings Season 4 Episode 14

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    Steven Kincaid, a famous ballet star, is stabbed in the back while getting some food from the refrigerator. When Lance and Lorenzo investigate, they discover that Kincaid was sleeping with his wife Camilla’s twin sister, Priscilla Meadows. Camilla and Priscilla were seen fighting in a bar a few days earlier for this same reason. While Rita talks to Catherine Walden–the woman who was funding Kincaid’s troupe, Chris talks to Kincaid’s director Gene, Priscilla’s husband. Gene says that he knew about his wife’s infidelity, and didn’t care. Meanwhile, Lance and Lorenzo search for the murder weapon which is nowhere in sight; and Rita is worried that Eric is spending his limited money supply too extravagantly, and that he may have a drinking problem.

    Episode Title: Pas de Deux

    Air Date: 1995-01-08